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Protect Your Home From the Cold

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

With the mercury dipping into the twenties and below, I wanted to share some tips on how to protect your home and wallet from the cold temperatures:

1. Close your  foundation vents. Keeping the bitter cold air out will help insure that your pipes do not freeze and your floors stay warmer.

2. Shut off and drain your exterior faucets. Your home is equipped with a valve that controls water to these faucets. It is located in the garage or utility closet, depending on the model of your home.

3. Check your HVAC filters. In order for your heating system to work properly and efficiently, air must circulated freely. Make sure your return filters are clean. if you have not replaced them in a while, they are probably restricting air flow and costing you money. Also, you should have your system serviced by a professional at least once a year. But do it in the spring or fall, when the service companies are not backed up with emergency calls.

4. Check for open windows. Believe it or not, this happens quite frequently. Windows that are not locked, especially double hung windows, will work themselves open, causing air leaks. Tilt sashes that have not been closed properly also let in the cold air. Check all of your windows to be sure they are locked, latched and sealed.

5. Use your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are cheap to run and do a great job of keeping your house comfortable. We all know that heat rises, so the warmest air in your home is going to be near the ceiling. The problem is, we all live near the floor! Set your fan direction to reverse so it is pulling air up. Set the speed to low so it does not produce noticeable wind that would feel drafty or cool. Then, just leave it on. This will force the warmer air back down where you can enjoy it. The ceiling fan in my family room stays on 24 hours a day, all winter long.

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